Business Meetings



Meeting Name Date/timeRoom allocation
Sunday, July 3  
ERS board of officers premeeting10:00-11:00Meeting Room 3
Rhinology Editors meeting11:00-13:00Meeting Room 3
Rhinology board/Rhinology Reviewers meeting14:00 – 16:00ERS Meeting Room
Monday, July 4  
ERS advisory board - national delegates/reps etc with voting for 202016:30-18:00​ERS Meeting Room
International Standardisation Committee for the Objective Assessment of the Nasal Airways (ISCOANA EAACI
ERS Meeting Room
Industry Meeting18:00 -19:30ERS Meeting Room
Tuesday, July 5  
Task Force meeting on the Standardisation on Nasal Allergen Challenges12:30 – 14:00ERS Meeting Room
IRS Board Meeting12:30 – 14:00Meeting Room 3
UEMS-ORL Section and the ERS18:00 -19:30Meeting Room 3
Wednesday, July 6  
ISIAN BOARD MEETING12:30 – 14:00ERS Meeting Room
ERS general assembly15:30-16:00Hall A



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