​Sunday, 3 July 2016​

TimeWorkshopSession descriptionLearning objectives



Radiology in rhinology How to attack the CT/MRI in a structured and meaningful way.The understanding of depiction of basic rhinologic pathology on CT or MRI.



Septoplasty and Turbinate proceduresA thorough expose of two of the most basic procedures in rhinology.How to choose the right patient. Surgical technique. Restoring normality. Sutures, packing and closure.



AllergyWhat every rhinologist should now about allergy.Diagnostic workup. Basic principles of medical treatment. When is ASIT an option?
14:10–15:40Virtual dissectionHD videos from a dissection course discussed by the dissector.Basic surgical anatomy and surgical principles of FESS
14:10–15:40Introduction to FESSWhy have most surgeons of today abandoned the Caldwell-Luc operation and the external ethmoidectomy? – Basic principles of FESS + some pearls and pitfalls.Patient selection, Extent of surgery: mini FESS or Full house FESS. Fess and neoplastic disease. How to avoid common mistakes and disasters.
14:10–15:40Instruments and equipment in FESSHow do you know what instrument to use? It is a djungle! A very experienced surgeon shows how he does itThis course will give you the fundamentals, it will make you feel comfortable in the operating room.
15:4017:30Master class: frontal sinus

"The frontal sinus masterclass" by P.J. Wormald. Do we need to say more.

This is an interactive class that covers all possible variations in the frontal recess.

Before the course starts all delegates need to download the free software to be used by each delegate during the course. 

 This presentation is aimed at giving the surgeon guidelines for reconstructing the anatomy of the frontal recess in a 3 dimensional way by using building blocks to represent each cell and by determining how the frontal sinus drains in relation to each block.  The concept starts with the simplest configuration and progressively illustrates the more complex anatomy.
16:0017:30Virtual dissectionHD videos from a dissection course discussed by the dissector. A full FESS course compressed into 90 minutes!Basic surgical anatomy and surgical principles of FESS.
16:0017:30Nasal hemorrhageThis course takes you through the different steps on managing nasal hemorrhage; from the minor ones to the major bleeders.To feel confident with taking care of the patient with nasal hemorrhage on the emergency room as well as in the operating room.
16:00​17:30Dental infectionsKnowledge and awareness about correlation between dental infections and chronic rhinosinusitis is a must for every rhinologist.How to address dental infections in sinonasal disease. When do we refere to the dentist and when do we operate?

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