Promotional Toolkit

​​​​​​​​​Welcome to the official promotional toolkit for ERS 2016.
​​​​​​You are invited to make use of the following promotional materials to promote 
ERS 2016 through your organization's network, social media platforms, lectures and meetings.
​​Thank you for your support.​

If you are a speaker at the congress use this banner
ERS 2016 - 468 x 60 Speaker.jpg


Other sizes available on request: contact us​​​

ERS 2016 - 468 x 60 reg.jpg
ERS 2016 - 728 x 90 reg.jpg
ERS 2016 - 300 x 250 reg.jpg

​PowerPoint​ Slides​

Invite your peers to join you in Stockholm for ERS 2016 by displaying​ a PPT slide at the end of your lectures and ​meeting​s​​.

Download the below poster and/or postcard for display. Please contact us if you would like to receive printed materials or additional items for print and distribution.  

​​Can't find what you are looking for?  We are here to help!
P​lease contact the Marketing and Promotion Department ​here​​.

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